Morbid Houses

Sooo Many “Bricks”

I want to keep as true to the inspiration pic as possible, and decided to apply bricks to the front of the porch. To make these bricks I painted a small piece of bristol board a brick color and then cut it into small strips. 

Then I cut the strips into small brick like shapes. So. Many. Bricks. 

Applying “bricks” to the porch 

After applying a ton of bricks to the porch, it looked like this:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just apply a black wash to the bricks or some type of mortar. I decided that mortar would look best, so I took some wood filler and mixed it with a small amount of black paint.

After smearing it all over the porch and letting it sit for a few seconds, I wiped it off and was really happy with the outcome. 

I put strips of bristol painted brown on the floor of the porch, and smeared some of the mortar on there. 

I finished it by applying a black wash over the whole thing, and then brushing on a couple coats of modpodge.  I‘m really happy with the way it’s turned out. The porch is almost finished, just need to finish the roof piece, which thankfully has no bricks! 

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