Zombie KFC Sign - Morbid Miniatures

Project Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates, this site it still a work in progress, as The Dead History has been taking up most of our time. 👻

Right now we are working on three different scenes. We are finishing up the 1:87 scale Post-Apocolyptic Zombie KFC. Matt has been busy adding grass, vines, and debris. Hopefully we’ll finish it up in the next week or so. I can’t wait to share video because it is so detailed. Seeing it in the dark is even better! 

I’ve been working on a small 1:160-ish morbid miniature house. I wanted to make something that would remind people of the stereotypical haunted or abandoned house at the end of some remote street. 

The house is entirely made of paper product from scratch, except for the grass. 

And last but not least, the vampire crypt is shaping up amazingly well. This is going to be Matt’s most complex project to date. It’s approximately 1:87 scale and not only has three levels with stairs but will also light up, and contain a couple of headstones up top.

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