We love to tell stories and found a powerful way to tell them is to allow the observer to become absorbed into the tale being told through careful arrangement of the objects, subjects, and aesthetic elements. The scenes we produce are handcrafted to the finest detail possible and with continually increasing quality to best relay the story intended or to spark wonder and curiosity. Sometimes these creations are accompanied by an introduction to help describe the scene or none at all to spark the imagination and to illuminate the dim spaces of those unknown.

Morbid Miniatures is a husband and wife team located in Ogden, Utah. We’ve combined his love of miniatures and artistry with her talents of research and storytelling to produce tiny scenes of these combined aspects for you.

We pour a great deal of time, effort, and creative energy into each scene and sincerely hope that this is perceived through your enjoyment of the pieces you view here, within your workspace, or your home.